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Custom Drum Recordings

No matter how good your samples are, nothing can replace the feeling and sound of having real acoustic drums played by a real person.

If you would like beautiful sounding and feeling drums added to one of your songs, then look no further.  I am quick and professional with final recordings completed in less than a week (unless specified otherwise). 

I am a UK based drummer / percussionist who can provide professional standard recordings for your songs using quality drums and state of the art microphones in my purpose built studio.

I have performed with artists including Pee Wee Elis (James Brown), Olly Murs, Gregory Porter and Clare Teal, as well as having years of playing experience in Brass Bands, Wind Bands, Orchestras, Big Bands, musicals and hundreds of functions.

I am at home in most genres and will gladly talk through what you would like to have on your track and what I think would be fitting.  I can even add extra percussion such as shakers or congas.


Recording prices: 
Up to 8 mic drum track recording with two revisions - £150



Get in touch via the CONTACT page.

How it works

1. Send me an email

Attach your song to it (songs need to be recorded to a click!) and tell me what you have in mind for me to play.  Send me some reference tracks too if you can.  We will discuss the track and drums via email / phone (if you live in the UK) or Skype (if you live outside of the UK) and agree on a fee.


2. I’ll do some drumming!

Give me a week (usually less) to record some drums for your song based on what we have discussed.


3. I’ll send you a rough mix

I’ll email you an MP3 file of my drums within your track

You tell me what changes you would like (if any) and I’ll have another go.

You can also tell me if you would like any additional percussion added for an extra £20 per track.


4. I’ll send another mix (if applicable)

Once I've finished the second recording, I’ll send you another MP3 for your approval.

If you are 100% happy with it, we discuss whether you would like to pay the extra £40 for a professional mix of my drums, or you are happy with the individual raw drum tracks that  I provide, ready for you to mix yourself.  

You send over my payment (via Paypal) then I email you a link to download the indivudal high quality audio drum recording tracks that we agreed on. (Please note that there will be a couple of days wait for the professional mix).


5. You enjoy the sound of real quality drums on your track!


To ensure the best quality recordings, I mic the complete kit including kick, top and bottom snare, high tom, floor tom, hi-hat and two stereo overheads; using a MOTU 8 Pre interface and the mics listed below:

  • AKG D112 (kick)

  • Audix i5 (hi-hat)

  • Audix f9 (overheads) [pair of]

  • Shure SM57 (snare top & bottom) [pair of]

  • Sennheiser e604 (high tom)

  • Sennheiser e904 (floor tom)


Please visit my DRUMS section to view my selection of drums and cymbals. 


I have a wide range of cymbals to suit a variety of styles and take care in selecting the right sound for the music; be it distinctive modern sound from my Sabian HHX Groove Ride, or a trashy vintage hi-hat sound from my 14" Zyns, I can tailor to what is needed.


Having been classically trained in percussion (mostly untuned) I am comfortable at the back of an orchestra; however I have been studying and performing salsa and other latin American music for the last few years. My focus has been mainly on timbales and bongos, however I have a wide selection of percussion including timbales, congas, bongos and multiple JCR and LP Salsa cowbells.