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Vintage Drum Recordings

'Thanks Jack for an outstanding drum performance! You really made my song come alive. I couldn't believe how fast you got it all done and how tight the takes were! The combination of your playing,  your kit and the way you record it, Magic!'                                                         David Boily, Montreal

'Jack has a great feel and instantly knew the vibe I was going for and nailed it the first time. No revisions required! Great service. I look forward to working with him again.'                                                              Simon Kelly, USA

'Having recently hired Jack to record drum parts for my upcoming EP, I can safely say that he is more reliable than a metronome. As a songwriter with a tight schedule I appreciate quick and reliable musicians so working with Jack was an absolute joy. Each time I finished a song, I would send him an mp3 with a few lines describing what I was after. He replied incredibly promptly, and I would be sent back the song with Jacks drums included. On each song Jack arranged a drum part that was perfect, on the first take. I would highly recommend his services and implore you to hire him before he turns into a metronome!'                                   Leo Wyatt, London

As a player and collector of vintage Ludwig drums, I've always loved the sound you can get from them. I believe that their warmth and personality shine through and is incomparable to the sound you get from a modern drum kit. You can create a modern sound on a vintage kit, but you cannot  do the reverse, in my opinion.

I have several Ludwig kits spanning from the 1920s to the 1960s with drums ranging from 12” to 28” with both calf heads and plastic. My cymbals also span these decades and are mostly Zildjian As plus a couple of Ks; but I also have some modern cymbals.

I specialise in music from the 20s to the end of the 60s, with specialist knowledge in genres such as 20s jazz, 30s swing, 40s jump jive, 50s rock ‘n’ roll and rhythm ‘n’ blues, plus 60s pop.

Some of the online session work I get asks for early rock ‘n’ roll or shuffle grooves, regular or half time; both of which I am comfortable playing and enjoy immensely. These grooves really come into their own when played on a kit that was built when they were  conceived. 

I am also at home in more modern pop/rock styles if want your song to have more contemporary, even slightly jazz influence  drum style with the warmth of vintage drums.

How it works

1. Send me an email

Attach your song to it (songs need to be recorded to a click) and tell me what you have in mind for me to play.  Send me some reference tracks too if you can.  


2. I’ll do some drumming

Give me a few days to record some drums for your song based on what we have discussed.


3. I’ll send you the first version

I’ll email you an MP3 file of my drums within your track. You tell me what changes you would like (if any) and I’ll have another go.


4. I’ll send back another track with any changes made

Once I've finished the second recording, I’ll send you another MP3 for your approval. We’ll do this until you are 100% happy, (2 revisions after the initial recording is typical. Further recordings will incur a slight price increase) then you send over payment and I shall send you the individual drum tracks for you to mix and use.


You will typically get 7 individual tracks:

  • Bass drum

  • Snare drum (top)

  • Snare drum (bottom)

  • High tom

  • Floor tom

  • Overhead left

  • Overhead right


The mics I use are:

  • AKG D112 (kick)

  • Audix f9 (overheads) [pair of]

  • Shure SM57 (snare top & bottom) [pair of]

  • Sennheiser e604 (high tom)

  • Sennheiser e904 (floor tom)

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